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Have you ever seen the movie “Hancock?” How about the movie “Defending Your Life?”

Two very different movies, four very different soulmates.

In “Hancock,” two paired soulmates live as heavenly beings amongst humanity.

In “Defending Your Life,” two soulmates meet as humans on their journey to the afterlife.

“Hancock” shows us the toxicity of timing. Two souls linked for an eternity and every time they get close to one another, they became mortal and were vulnerable… to the point where they became so toxic that they couldn’t be together.

“Defending Your Life” traces the meeting of two souls who meet at “Judgement City” on their way to either ascend to Heaven or to head town to earth for another go at life. Two very different humans heading towards very different places, but their unimaginable and immediate connection makes them wish they’d met sooner.

But, is meeting sooner the best thing for a couple trying to be successful?

I think the answer is… “It depends.”

I have a theory. And, that theory is that every pairing… is predetermined before they meet. Perhaps we have one soulmate. Perhaps multiple. I don’t know if I’m old enough to see if folks I’ve loved have been soulmates or not. I have my suspicions…

Now you may never meet a soulmate. Or, you may. But, the reality is that even a soulmate… even someone you are destined to be with… could be completely wrong for you at the time that you meet them. And sometimes, the timing fits just as well as the human.

Here’s the funny thing:

Sometimes when you are literally the perfect fit for someone, you can still have bad timing or screw it up. And, sometimes, when you have everything going against you… all you need to do is try a little bit harder.

In “Hancock,” Will Smith and Charlize Theron were literally puzzle pieces. They completed each other. However, their very existence plagued them over and over. Want to know the worst part? They’d met over and over and fallen back in love every time. And, when their vulnerabilities made them mortal, it was always an outside influence like a mob or criminal who got in the way, trying to kill them both. They’d fall in love. Become mortal. Piss someone off. Be wounded because people knew they were weak. And, start over, separate from each other. Ultimately, they decided that at the time, it was just too much to fight. Just too much to take on when everyone else wanted to separate them. Sound familiar? I’ve lived that exact life, previously.

Now, consider the oldie but goodie “Defending Your Life” with Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks. These two humans ascending to “heaven” fell in love, quickly. But, the “judgement system” moved one to the afterlife and one back down to earth. Rather than accept his fate away from the “love of his afterlife,” Albert Brooks breaks out of his seatbelt, jumps off his transport, and runs across traffic, risking pain and (well… I guess not further death)… something pretty bad to get back to Streep to profess his love. Finally, the judges show mercy on him, feeling he has made the necessary steps to show bravery and intelligence and move into the afterlife. They open her transport and the two live happily ever after… life.

What did we learn?

Well, for one, movies are fun!

But, what else?

What we’ve learned is that sometimes the timing is totally wrong and your pairing can be toxic and awful for both of you. And, if that’s the case, you and your partner should move far away from each other. If you’re meant to be, you’ll reconvene when the time is right.

But, sometimes… just sometimes… the timing can be wrong. The setting can be wrong. EVERYTHING can be wrong… and you are just so right for each other. Perhaps, a little more love and bravery can get you to where you need to be.

The trick is… when to decide on each path. 

And, I leave that to you.