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Are Men who marry Plus women Always happy? Um….

Original Article from Bold Magazine– We thought we would discuss some recent news on what’s been being discussed around the interwebs: There is a circulating article discussing why men who marry plus (referred to as chubby and heavy… yuck!) women are always happy. It goes on to say “But, don’t call them ‘fat.’” Huh? Weirdos…. there are varying opinions as to whether or not to use the word ‘fat’ in the plus universe. Taking a stance without understanding the adjective is ignorant. But, we digress. This article is click bait and most of our comments on it NEED TO BE READ SATIRICALLY OR SARCASTICALLY. There is not a single word we agree with unless we’ve noted our own research.

If you came to our dating panel at Living Large Chicago, you’d note that many people demean plus women and undermine them based on their size and physical appearances, which the articles we have been reading do note. A lot of negative beliefs and notions about associating, let alone dating, plus women have been generated. This is absolutely true. The plus community and men and women who date them do sometimes face scrutiny. We’ll discuss this in a full article as well as on our new site, debuting next week. For instance, some plus women are generally perceived to be slow learners, lazy, less conscientious. While this was discussed in the awful articles we’re citing, they also happen to be backed by real employment research.

We’ve even had our own models and friends send us screen shots of conversations that go a little something like:

Dude: You’re so hot.

Plus Positive Bold Babe: I’m not interested

Dude: You should be lucky a man like me is interested in someone like you…

Oh…. dear…. god…. the EVERYTHING that is wrong with that conversation. First of all, bros… get out of their DMs unless invited! But, that’s another story for another day. Maybe come to our next men’s lounge at one of our events PLEASE.

Fetish and Feelings Dating Panel hosted by CEO Christopher Salute at Living Large Chicago

Back to what we are reading….

An apparent study conducted by Dr. Filemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) department of psychology, however, revealed that men who marry plus women are much happier and tend to live longer. According to the research, plus-size women make their partners smile more and this is based on the premise that “these women are better at anticipating the needs of their husbands in that they make it happen even before asked.”

I’m going to make sure I contact these researchers, if they exist, because it’s probably more simple than that. In our experience with relationships, it seems to be just that men who find their ideal mate are happier. And, there are many men who consider themselves to be “in the closet” (we hate this phrase… because actually being closeted about a serious designation like homosexuality or transgenderism loses its severity) about being interested in plus women. So, the fact that you would just find your mate seems to be the best way to stay happy!

Yikes! From Snopes Fact Check Site:

In terms of science journalism, a number of red flags were apparent right off the bat. The easiest to spot would be the fact that not a single news report on this topic provided a link to the “new study” it referenced.

Second, and perhaps more damning, is the fact that a quick Google Scholar search provides no evidence that anybody named Filemón Alvarado or Edgardo Morales ever published anything remotely approaching this topic over at least the past two years.

In this study, plus women were also found to be full of confidence as they are able to interact and speak their minds no matter the situation. Again, not sure which plus women they are referencing. But, the esteem issues and confidence problems that compact after decades of bullying and body shaming tend to dispute that.

The study also revealed that “chubby women are submissive and always positive. According to the research, most plump ladies do not show their aggression even when offended.” Man… you should meet some of our friends and staff members! Hah!

Contrasting the plus sized ladies to their slim counterparts, it was noted that the latter tends to be unfriendly, less expressive and so aggressive. – Click bait sites like Standard Media and Truly Mind

These sites go on to use a case study:

A sample of two men living in Nairobi and who have been married for over ten years supported the findings of the study. Mr. Griffin Omolo who married a plump lady noted that his house was full of joy and peace. He credited this to the wife who according to him is always in a good mood, understanding and open-minded.

Mr. Musyoka John who married a slim lady stated that he is always faced with unfriendliness adding that his wife always looked violent and ready to engage in a fight.

According to him, his wife is rigid and a very hard nut to crack adding that once she has settled on a given position she is not open to discussion.

He cited an incident in his house where he disagreed with the partner on the color of their sugar dish.

In view of the above findings, the research concluded that men who marry plus-size women tend to be happier in relationships for longer than those who date slim women.

Folks… this is not research. This is anecdotal, circumstantial, generalistic, and actually very dangerous. Our absolute favorite addition at the bottom of one of the articles discussing the research:

So dear men, do not limit your scope to only tall and slender ladies expand your horizon and try out plump size women as they have a lot to offer.

Oh… my…. lord… when you want REAL research. Please just tune into Bold Magazine. We’re delivering some awesome research backed conversations at NAAFA and CSI this Spring. And, as always… BE BOLD!